Enterprise Applications

Technology is advancing so rapidly that applications are becoming legacy within 18–24 months and the existing legacy systems present a barrier to effectively compete. Organizations need seamless and cost-efficient solutions which can quickly respond to changes to makes them stay ahead of competition.

MB9's Enterprise Application Services proactively assists organizations overcome these application services challenges by delivering comprehensive, efficient and robust solutions tailored to the enterprise’s unique requirements.

We offer skilled resources and best-in-class technology for implementation, upgrades and managing of supply chains, CRM, content management and other enterprise-wide functions.

We provide the following customized solutions.


CRM solutions are one of the few investments that your business can justify in this economy. CRM helps you to be on top of every lead, opportunity, and every customer interaction. MB9 offers custom CRM solutions.

Feedback / ideas

MB9 Feedback tool gets you the most relevant feedback and ideas from your customers. It lets your customers interact and help out each other freeing you up on having less man-power to concentrate on customer queries.

You can take the best ideas from customers and make them more loyal to your brand by rewarding your best brand ambassadors on the feedback portal.

The following are the features:
  • Aggregated feedback and ideas from your customers.
  • Interact and engage with customer in more natural discussion way.
  • Interaction between the customers and company representatives.
  • Karma scheme for user contributions which can be used to award trophies for best brand ambassadors.
  • Administration and moderation features.
  • Integration with Google Apps.
  • Available as Cloud Service or Installable Version.

Helpdesk / Ticketing

The Help Desk is essentially a central point through which problems or issues are reported and subsequently managed and resolved. It is an integral part of the service function, responsible for bringing resources together to address a problem or issue. MB9 Helpdesk is intuitive even for a first time user and this helps in customer satisfaction and gaining customer confidence.

MB9 Helpdesk provides you with following benefits:
  • Basic Ticket Management
  • Automatic assignment of tickets based on category
  • Automatic setting of deadlines.
  • Escalation on missing deadlines.
  • Reports and Charts
  • Available as Cloud Service or Installable Version.
Also Available Addons
  • Google Apps Integration with Single Sign-on

Connect Point Collaboration platform

MB9’s Connect Point Collaboration Platform enables your employees to collaborate easily among themselves. It Lets everybody know everything that's happening in your company. Updates on projects, people, documents are communicated to you instantly in one streamlined interface.

Features of the collaboration platform:
  • Enable Adhoc Collaboration
  • Profile and User information (option to integrate with Share Point)
  • Facebook/Twitter like update feeds based on connections and subscriptions
  • Focused discussion for project or topic.
  • Corporate networking solution
  • Capability for private team discussion.

Semantic Knowledge portal

Data Management & eDiscovery