Semantic Solutions

The next generation of enterprise business software is poised to use Semantic Information than ever before. The Semantic Enterprise Solution is sophisticated than the current consumer web 2.0 experience and enables richer, more meaningful experiences for its users.

MB9 has deep expertise in semantic web solutions. Our real-time clustering solution powers where news from the India is automatically classified and topics are identified in real-time.

We are also a partner of Intellidimension Inc, a leading provider of semantic server solutions.

Semantic Knowledge Base

MB9 enable your enterprise to provide contextually grouped rich content to employees within a well defined internal semantic web. By providing contextual connections in all company content, a new employee or partner will be able to get up to speed much faster, with connections being provided as they explore content in different applications, all unified by meta-data.

Enterprise search, currently a huge challenge, particularly across multiple applications and their associated databases, will be transformed into a powerful context engine. The productivity and efficiency gains of this approach will be substantial, but more importantly the ‘knowledge is power’ factor provided by these rich referrals will create smarter minds more quickly. This also has major implications for training and learning management systems.

Semanticising Intranet knowledge base

For enterprise to reap the benefits of semantic intranet, we offer the service to semanticise your content according to your needs and company culture. This is a one-time effort to identify the core structure of semantic infrastructure as it applies to your company.

Real Time Classification and Topic Identification solution

MB9 has developed customized topic identification and classification algorithm. This solution powers This is a trainable, customizable solution.

Travel Package Selector

MB9 Travel Package Selector is a compelling interface to market and show your tour packages. The product is also available as a SaaS version which means we will host it for you.

It allows your website visitors to see  a listing of places and travel packages and a system where customers can search for listing based on their interests. For eg: 

  • Activity: trekking , adventure, sports, sightseeing etc
  • Destination:  Beach, family friendly, backpacker friendly , mountain , river etc
  • Price: hotel, airline etc.
  • A combination of all 3 above

MB9 Travel Package Selector automatically classifies and identifies the features of a tour package. In addition, the solution automatically gets the information about each place and links to credible resources on the web. This helps your customers to quickly arrive a decision.

This system could also be used by sales and marketing personal to showcase packages according to customer interests.